Kabel Braided Nylon USB A to Lightning MFi Certified, 2m


  • High strength USB 2.0 charging and data transfer cable for iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices
  • Reinforced with aramid and HMPE fibres to provide a high strength cable solution
  • Optimised strain relief to withstand over 100,000 bending cycles
  • Supplied with a complimentary hook-and-loop tie wrap to avoid cable tangling
  • 2 year warranty
  • PN : 31292

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Lindy’s range of reinforced USB charging cables provide a reliable and effective charging solution for a variety of devices, while avoiding the common issues of standard or cheaper charging cables such as cable fraying, snapping and low charging speeds.

With aramid fibres, commonly used in aerospace and military applications, housed within the cable itself, these cables possess an optimised high strength quality not seen with standard USB cables, and combined with HMPE fibre braiding, a material well used for fishing ropes and lines, common cable faults from daily use are no longer an issue. The specialised Lindy strain relief also enhances the durability of these cables, tested to bend over 100,000 times before failure, a revolutionary resistant yet flexible solution to prevent splitting and snapping.

This range of USB 2.0 Type A to Lightning cables provides a fast reliable charge to iPhone, iPad and other apple devices, utilising not only a reinforced shielding and jacket structure but also an optimum internal build including tinned copper shielding, to support high quality, fast charging.

The cable also comes supplied with a Lindy hook-and-loop tie wrap, providing a neat, handy solution to avoid the cable tangling.

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